From Top to Bottom - Left to Right


1st Row: 1st Pic -  Daniel, Maggie, & Naomi Penton; 2nd Pic -  from Jodie's wedding Joe Morrow, Edith Morrow, Janet Morrow, Chuck Morrow, Ted Morrow, Sharon Morrow; 3rd Pic -  Amy Morrow Hall & Kelly Hall

2nd Row: 1st Pic - Jill Morrow Greene, Walter Kennedy, Jodie Greene Kennedy, Jennifer Greene; 2nd Pic - wedding picture Amy Morrow Hall, Jake Cullens, Anne Morrow Cullens, Katy Morrow Stigers, Pete Stigers; 3rd Pic - Bethany Penton


3rd Row: 1st Pic - from the wedding Amy Morrow Hall, Anne Morrow Cullens,  Edith Morrow, Chuck Morrow, Katy Morrow Stigers; 2nd Pic -  Martha Emmons, Bethany Penton, Sharon Emmons Morrow, Naomi Penton; 3rd Pic - from the wedding Peter James Stigers, Katy Morrow Stigers, Nell Stigers, Pete Stigers

From Top to Bottom - Left to Right


1st Row: 1st Pic -  from the wedding Nell Stigers & Sharon Morrow; (lower) Martha Emmons, Nell Stigers; (upper) Bethany Penton; at Over the Edge - Nell Stigers, Ted Morrow; Nell Stigers, Conductor, Katy Morrow Stigers; Sharon Morrow, Nell Stigers, Peter James Stigers

2nd Row: 1st Pic - Anne Morrow Cullens, Nell Stigers; at Nantahala Falls - Peter James Stigers, Sharon Morrow, Nell Stigers, Ted Morrow, Peter Stigers, Katy Morrow Stigers; (lower) Bethany Penton, Naomi Penton; (upper) Hope Stigers Morrow; (lower) Nell Stigers, Peter James Stigers; (upper) Nell Stigers, Naomi Penton


3rd Row: 1st Pic -  (front) Anne Morrow Cullens, Maggie Morrow Penton (back) Katy Morrow Stigers, Amy Morrow Hall; Bethany Penton, Naomi Penton, Nell Stigers, Peter James Stigers;  (front) Kelly Hall; Amy Morrow Hall, Bethany Penton, Anne Morrow Cullens (back) Sharon Morrow, Maggie Morrow Penton, Naomi Penton, Ted Morrow;  Ted Morrow, Sharon Morrow

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