1 2018 Composite.jpg

From Top to Bottom - Left to Right

1st Row: 1st Pic - Anne or Katy repelling off the Bristol Tower and Bristol Motor Speedway; 2nd pic - Ted in costume at Georgia Thespian Conference Exhibitors booth; 3rd pic - Ted, Katy, Maggie, Anne, Martha Emmons, Dr John Hall, and Richard Magner getting ready to surprise Sharon with their presence at the Thespians HOF induction ceremony; 4th Pic - Sharon's plaque evidence of the event

2nd Row: 1st Pic - Bethany; 2nd Pic - Peter Stigers at the beach; 3rd Pic - Nell Stigers 5th grade school picture


3rd Row: 1st Pic - Naomi; 2nd Pic - Hope with her post surgery clothes; 3rd Pic - Sharon, Martha Emmons, David Emmons; 4th Pic - Martha Emmons, Sharon, Amy Hall 

1a 2018 Composite.jpg

From Top to Bottom - Left to Right

1st Row / 1st Pic - Anne & Jake Cullens; 2nd Pic - Daniel Penton, Naomi, Maggie Penton, Pete Stigers, Peter, Katy Stigers, Nell, (in lap) Bethany, Mr Worm; 3rd Pic - Daniel & Maggie Penton; 4th Pic (below) Amy Hall & Maggie Penton

2nd Row / 1st Pic - Sharon, Jennifer Kaminski and daughter; 2nd Pic - Pete, Nell, Sharon, Katy, Peter, (where's Ted?); 3rd Pic - Amy & Kelly Hall


3rd Row: 1st Pic - Peter, Martha Emmons, Nell; 2nd Pic - Bethany & Naomi Penton; 3rd Pic - Ted & Sharon; 4th Pic - Nell Stigers